About Us

KLGB is a low-power FM radio station broadcasting at 94.3 MHz. The station is licensed to Covenant Life Ministries, Enid, Ok. And airs Contemporary Christian Music. The Station received FCC license 04/11/2003 and since that time has undergone many changes. 10/02/2002 The original 85ft tower was erected, all labor and equipment was donated from local businesses.

The broadcast span for the station is a 20mile radius around the Enid area. KLGB provides 24hr commercial free Christian Music. This is a non-profit radio station which operates solely on a donation basis from sponsors. There are no paid employees, all time is donated to maintain the radio station. 100% of all donations are utilized to maintain the operating cost of the radio station.

On May 3, 2017 around 2AM during a severe thunderstorm with high winds, the 85ft. steel tower was bent over onto the Church roof, destroying the tower.

As a result of donations a new 90ft. steel tower was purchased. Through combined efforts of donations of time & equipment the new tower was up and running Oct. 2017.

Our goal at KLGB is to continue to provide quality Christian Music with a variety of music genre, Contemporary, Worship, Christian Rock, & Rap. We also would like to provide a venue for local Christian artist to have a platform to perform their original music. We are also dedicated to working with local Churches and Christian organizations to provide information regarding Local Christian activities for all to enjoy.

The KLGB Way

The KLGB Way is to bring all our listeners together through Jesus. We have seen a seperation of believers all gathering in small churches in most of the Enid area. We want to bring the body of Christ together and unite all Churches. We are the body of Christ and believe through music, and worship We can unite God’s Church as a whole.

Our Beliefs

KLGB views the Bible Cover to Cover as a covenant document of the redemptive work of Jesus Christ. It is a document of how Christ reconciled all mankind unto himself. (past, present, and future) It seems that the body of Christ has lost their focus in teaching the importance of the cross and what it means to the believer. God has placed us on a 3 Days and 3 Nights journey and we are still on this journey! All of, Our Lessons are about Jesus Redemptive work and how this includes us (The Believer). KLGB’s Hope is, God will use these messages through music to show the believer the importance of focusing our attention back to Calvary’s cross.

Behind The Scenes

At KLGB lots has been happening behind the scenes. We Will be showing all the new behind the scenes activity here. This will be a great way for our listeners to see what goes on behind the scnees and see what all goes into serving you with the worship of all music through Jesus.

Join the KLGB Team!

We go to great Christian concerts…
We participate in outreach events across our listening area…
We’ve got events with great activities for adults and kids of all ages…
Yeah, we understand why you’d want to volunteer with KLGB FM !
If you’re interested in helping out, just fill out the form below!

Under this text will be a form for people to volunteer, then a way for us to all view there applications. I would like general questions.. Name, Age, Phone number, Email, There real address. What there best day’s to be available. We are looking for anyone, but would like to have more DJ’s, Sound Engineers, and almost anyone else that can give a helping hand. We have lots of events and many other activities we do at KLGB that cannot be done alone.

We will be in touch with you whenever there is an opportunity to volunteer in your area.
We thank you ahead of time for signing up.
Don’t worry if you can’t always help, we appreciate all of our volunteers!

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