Why Donate ?

KLGB is making a difference in lots of lives thanks you to your support. By sharing positive music and motivational features on the air, KLGB goal is helping people draw closer to God. The pastors and staff at KLGB pray for all prayer requests every day, process all phone calls each day from listeners with questions or in need of guidance. If God has used KLGB in your life, it is because generous listeners stepped out on faith to support us. Join us so that we can continue making a positive difference in our world.

Here are some other reasons to help donate and make a difference with us together through Christ. Most radio stations play an average of 19 Commercials an hour. Not at KLGB. This means we can play more songs every hour than most radio stations. KLGB is not supported by a group of large donors, a giant corporation, or some big church. The majority of donors support Air1 at the $20.00 per month level.

So what does your monthly support pay for? Well here are the top 10 reasons your donations make a difference.

1. Keeping the station on the air
Programming, business expenses, maintenance, publishing and streaming fees, etc
2. Music
KLGB is music. While playing music on the radio sounds simple it’s actually quite costly due to publishing rights, royalties, streaming fees, etc.
3. Christ-centered – Clean entertainment
For you and your family. We are literally drowning in a sea of social and moral decline. KLGB is giving you an alternative to all that other stuff.
4. Spiritual elements
Between the songs that keep you focused on God and help you grow spiritually.
5. The daily encouraging word
Throughout the day, we share the verses of the day to help you stay close to God.
6. Concerts and events
Where you can not only have fun with your family, but also be built up in your faith.
7. A Refuge
For the single mom who is struggling to make ends meet, for the person thinking about taking their life, for the family in deep financial debt, someone who needs to hear from God and the right song comes on … KLGB is a refuge from the stresses of life – but so much more than that – KLGB is about YOU, pointing towards the truth in God’s Word
8. Donations Are Tax Deductible!
KLGB is governed by the Educational Media Foundation (EMF), a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit ministry.
9. Expansion
As donation begin to increase we can expand into a much wider base of broadcasting, We can also reach a wider area, and add lots more great christian entertainment for our listeners.
10. If Have Other Questions, Can I Call And Ask?
Yes! Anytime, day or night… (800) 530-6983.
We’re here to serve you, your family, and your community in any way possible.

Then under the top ten reasons to give also would like a text reading Your Donations Matter! Then under that a link saying DONATE TODAY. Then under that Call to donate.
at (800) 530-6983

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